Was that already a full month since I last blogged?
 Gosh ... (mouth open in disbelief.)


Time flies real quick.
Can we petition for the day to be more than 24 hours? 
 Just can't get everything done in a day.

I'm sorry I've been away from blogging for a long time.    
One of the reasons is my chores, of course, as a wife and mother
 But I don't want to blame that for my blogging incapacity
 though it's a valid reason.  
The main reason is, I have been renovating my blog.  

Do you notice the difference?  I have a new layout and header. 
 I feel really good about putting them in my blog because at first, I couldn't.  
I didn't know what I was doing wrong.  I stopped. 
Then after a few days I gave it another go.  
I read that it failed to transfer to my blog 
because of the XML file blah blah blah. 
But, by golly,  I found a way round it and eureka!
 It's quite an accomplishment for me -- a technologically inept individual!
To follow are the widgets that I'm planning to add.  
Well, one at a time, Rosette. 
One at a time.

My blog is still pretty much a WIP. 
Work in progress
But it's quite readable, at the least.  
Just ignore some labels like the FAQ (as if you have a question for me!), 
and the other thingies at the top. Haven't quite figured out how to work them.
 I tried deleting them altogether but no can do.  
I have to change the HTML style sheet for that. 
 And HTML language is quite difficult to figure out 
if one doesn't have training. 
But I managed to delete the credits at the bottom. 
 It took me some time and a lot of "trial and error" 
before I was able to delete those lines. 
Sorry to the author/maker of this blogger template.  
I had to delete the credits. 
 It was in the way of the comments of my readers.  

And the right side bars "Links" and "Meta". Don't take notice of them too.  
I'll sort it out later.  

Well, in my last post, I promised to include in my next blog photos of 
vintage crochet magazines
 that my mother-in-law, Ester, gave me. 
Thank you Mother!
So here it is.

Do you notice that the price of this magazine is only 10 cents
 This was published in the 1950's.  
So that explains this impossible price.

Another 10 cents!

And another!

Yet another!

Guess what? Another another!

Ooh! I particularly like this one.  The projects here are so lovely.  
Though I haven't tried making one in this. 
And oh, yes, this is yet another.

Not another.  This one's thicker, like a booklet.  
I also like this one because it has diagrams.
So if you find it difficult to follow the patterns in words, 
you can always check the diagrams.

I like this one too.  I've actually made some motifs, 
if not whole projects from this booklet.

Just look at the way the years have gotten to this book jacket.  
The book that this jacket covers is the one in the bunch 
that I actually use a lot.

This one is so brittle that I was afraid to touch the pages.
Come to think of it, all of them are actually brittle. 
Helloooo! 1950's? How can they not be?
But this one's the worst.  
But I was able to "laminate" it with wide clear adhesive tapes. 
Every page. 
 Well, at least, at the edges 
where the crumbling away usually is at its worst.
But one disadvantage of using adhesive tape is 
the paper turns yellow where the adhesive touches the paper.
Oh well, you can't have it all.

So friends, there you have it. 
The crochet treasures that I've inherited.
(Eat your hearts out, crochet fanatics!)
They have been very useful to me 
especially when I was just starting to crochet.  
My mom (biological mom, that is) taught me the basics.  
But bookish that I am, 
I taught myself further through these books and magazines.
These items above are truly treasures.


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