Hello! Welcome to my arty crafty blog! At last, I am posting something. I've created this blog almost a month ago. I have also attempted to post before, about half a dozen times. But I deleted all of them because I could not make the computer do what I wanted it to do. Sometimes, the laptop and I don't go along well. The travails of a mom who is not so adept in technology . . .

Anyway, first of all, I would like to thank Lisa Lam of U-handbag for inspiring me to finally create a blog of my own. I've been meaning to make one for a long time but there were just so many reasons not to. She "pushed" me to do it without knowing it. She doesn't know me but I'm an avid follower of her U-handblog. I find her talented, funny and down-to-earth. And her blog is so entertaining and informative. She is so generous with her knowledge and skills. But most of all, I like her because she is somehow the "crafty business" woman that I want to be someday. Alright, I confess. I'm already a fan. She doesn't know that I'm writing about her here. I'll eventually tell her. If you want to check her blog out, click here.

For my first post, I'm showing you a simple crochet project I've made a couple of years ago. It is one of the easiest ones I've made so far. Here it is.

Crocheted Fuchsia Flower Stud Earrings

I have made a few of these and sold it at the yearly "tiangge" (a sort of commununity fair) in our area. And yes, pink is my favorite color. (As if you need telling.) I will try to post some more of the leftovers earrings. Unfortunately, the truly intricate and beautiful ones were not properly documented (photographed) before they were sold. Someone even bought 5 assorted pairs all at the same time. And an Italian lady went specifically to the "tiangge" looking for the crocheted earrings I was making. I think she bought 2 pairs. According to her, she heard from someone that pretty crocheted earrings were being sold in the area. Quite flattering really. (Blush, blush). Hopefully, I can make more of them so I can post them. Luckily, I was able to make a note of most of the patterns. They were my own designs. But some were free form. It is unlikely that I would be able to repeat the exact design.

Here is how I packaged the stud ones.

Earrings on colored fossilized leaf that I laminated to make it strong. I bought fossilized leaves of different colors at the trade fair at Mega Mall a few years back. Notice the hole on the leaf? That was where I inserted the hook to display these items.

Actually, one of the reasons why it took me a long time to post is that the close up images I took of my crafts were unfocused, thus, blurred. See how technologically inept I am? And I dared not touch my husband's Nikon D80. I don't know what he'll do to me if I break it. File for annulment? Joke! It was only this afternoon that I was able to figure out my camera (after reading the manual). Hah! Bless manufacturers for manuals! I was so excited that I felt I should now start posting once and for all. My own camera is just a lowly Canon Power Shot A650. But it serves its purpose and for now, I'm satisfied. I just can't use it as often as I want to because the son is bringing it to school almost everyday. He's in Grade 7 and very busy documenting for their yearbook. He's always nagging us to have the jurassic Kodak Easy Share fixed so he won't borrow from me anymore. But I, or even my husband, can't bring it to the service center in Makati. And they're closed on Saturdays. So for now, we have to share. Sweet!

Speaking of my son, he always urges me to join the "tiangge" again. He misses the activity and the "smell" of it. And how we sometimes sleep inside our tents on some nights. But i guess what he really misses are the breakfasts we had delivered by McDonald's or Jollibee, (hahaha!) eaten outside our tent while viewing the expanse of dewy green grass under the shade of the great acacia trees and savoring the cold, foggy morning air. Hmmmm... Yeah, who wouldn't miss those? I, myself, am already missing those just by thinking about it.

But it seems I won't be setting up that tent yet this year. And maybe neither next year. My 1-year-old is demanding most of my time. Not to mention that I'm still breastfeeding full time. For now, I'm planning on tapping the virtual market while my "old school" shop is still on hold. But I still have a lot of things to prepare before I can set up an online shop. I'll get there.

Bye for now!


Lally said...

congratulations.... ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron ka palang 'artistic side'.... wow, ang galing.... i love the earrings...

Cheers to more posts and pics of your up coming creations....


Rosette said...

Thanks Lally! Your comment means so much to me. Hope you'll be there to follow my blog. Blogs are only as good as the people reading them. You are all my inspiration to better my craft. (Pun intended.):D

Mrs Twins said...

I'm loving your blog. Nice to hear what you are getting up to! Try to post now.

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