Just want you all to know that I'm still here. :~)

It's been more than a very long week since I blogged.  What a crazy week that was!

    Learned to pose for the camera very early on.

    Yeah! This music rocks!

    Giggly and proud of her two front teeth.  Her only ones at this time.

The baby has been sick since Saturday. No colds nor cough.  Just fever... and a whole lot of fussiness.  The past days has been a guessing game, trying to figure out what she wanted.  She just cried so easily and it was so difficult to make her stop. One time, in the hope that she would stop crying, I brought her to the garden, the rooftop, the living room, outside on the street, and to almost every corner of the house!  Yes, sometimes she would be contented to just sit with me. But after a while, there goes the crying again.  After four days, her temperature was back to normal, thank God. But sadly, the fussiness was still there.  Then, three days ago, red rashes appeared on her forehead.  We brought her to the pediatrician and our suspicion was confirmed. Roseola!  Or red measles.  "Tigdas hangin" in the vernacular.  It's nothing to worry about.  Almost all children contract the disease, at least at one point in their childhood. Dr. Mary Antonette Pablo allayed our fears.  She gave our little angel medication and some supplements.  Dr. Pablo has been very helpful.  Thank you, Doc! Baby is a whole lot better now.

Yes, the fever has gone. And the rashes are slowly disappearing.  But the crankiness stayed.  I have been very patient with my baby.  Of course, I love my daughter so much.  But sometimes, it's getting to be so stressful! Sigh!  I can't wait for my baby to get back to her usual cheery self.  To cheer me up, and to remind me that she will snap out of her cranky mood soon, I've posted photos of her giggly smile.  

Sorry, people.  No crafts today. Time is a commodity that I don't have enough of these past few days. Today's blog is just "Heart-y Stress-y Settie". But next time, I promise another arty crafty blog!

:~) Till then . . .


Mrs Twins said...

What a honest truthful post of how you are feeling and what you are going through Rosette!Congratulations! I think you are doing really well, be patient she will be fine and then you will be able to have a bit of time to yourself and have a treat! She is such a beautiful baby, happy person just like her mom. It is lovely to know you.
Enjoy your family. Hear from you very soon when you have time remember!

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